Ashley Keller


Ashley Keller designs handcrafted porcelain tiles and fine ceramic objects that bring beauty, charm and elegance into the home. Her evocative artwork is fuelled by a passion for preserving historical designs found in Victorian architectural elements, antique books and ornamental décor.

Ashley is an associate member of the Society of Canadian Artists and works from her studio located in Ingersoll, Ontario.

My mission is to help you create a beautiful, elegant and inspiring home that reflects my signature attention to detail and quality. I take great pride in every aspect of tile creation, from historical research to sculpture as well as throughout the production process.

Her ceramic art has been exhibited in London, Toronto and Montreal and has found homes with collectors all over the world including Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

When something is created by hand, I believe that a small part of yourself is imprinted within the finished piece. An art historian in 6th century China referred to this as "spirit resonance" or the transmission of energy from the artist into the work. I believe this transfer of energy and passion can be felt in my artwork and this is what distinguishes it from machine-made replicas.