Ashley Keller, Ceramic Artist

My story...

As a child, I used to love painting the flowers and creatures that I would discover in the garden. These days, I could (and do) spend hours searching through forests and trails, antique books and engravings, lithographs and photos — all in the pursuit of finding inspiration for my ceramic art that celebrates the wild beauty of nature. And I couldn't be happier than when I am working with clay or holding a paintbrush, which is what makes my chosen medium such a delight to create with.

Four years ago, after a young friend of mine passed away in a tragic accident, I felt a strong urge to pursue my creative passions as much as possible. I wanted to show my son (then only two years old) what it meant to take risks to follow your dreams and stay true to yourself during our short stay on the earth. With a tiny bit of money saved, I left my day job to build my own art business.

As a member of the London Potter's Guild, I was fortunate enough to surround myself with an incredible community of artists and supportive friends. It was there that I learned the technical side of ceramics through skill-building workshops and resident experts. About a year later, I purchased my own kiln and began to build out my first home studio in the tiny laundry room of a rented house.

Now, I feel blessed to live with the love of my life in our 160-year old Victorian home in Ingersoll, Ontario. I have a beautiful, sunny studio where I can paint while looking out over our sprawling front garden. As we work together to restore this home to its former glory, I hope that my son will remember me being happy, strong, creative, and living the life I wanted – so that he knows that it's possible for him as well.

I feel very grateful for the support of my collectors. They are helping to make this dream possible. In an effort to give back, five percent of the profit that I make from each purchase is donated to Ontario Parks on an annual basis. This organization helps to preserve our natural landscapes for future generations and to provide educational programs for youth. Through this effort, I hope to support the creation of future memories in the beautiful provincial parks where I live and especially to support Algonquin Park, one of my favourite and most cherished places in Canada.

An ancient Chinese philosopher once said that when something is created by hand, a transmission of the artist's energy is imprinted within the finished piece. I believe this is true. When you display or install one of my unique artworks, I hope that my passion will infuse your space with a special character and vibrancy. I find great joy in what I do and hope to share a piece of that happiness with you.

– Ashley Keller

P.S. If you would like to commission an original artwork, please contact me and I would be happy to help bring your dream to life.