Bluebirds in Brambles - 4x12" Hand-painted Tile Mural

$120.00 CAD

This hand painted porcelain tile mural was inspired by the North American Bluebird in a whimsical setting of intertwined branches and brambles. This set of three 4x4" handmade tiles features a watercolour-style painting and subtly textured, glossy finish that catches the light.


  • Glossy surface is smooth, durable and will not fade
  • High-fired glazed ceramic material is water and heat-resistant
  • Ready for installation with grooved backs for tile adhesive

Every tile is lovingly crafted by hand in small batches and has its own unique character. Their "perfectly imperfect" shape is a charming antidote for the harsh lines of the modern world. These high-quality tiles are fired in an electric kiln to approximately 2170 degrees Fahrenheit. Stated size is nominal. Each tile is approximately 3.8” wide x 3.8” tall x 3⁄8” thick at the edge. Plain, blank tiles available on request.