New Year, New Studio!

Ashley Keller Bonsai Pottery Studio

Just before the Christmas holidays in December 2017, my partner and I moved to a lovely home in the heart of Wortley Village in London, Ontario. When we first viewed this heritage property, it boasted many great features including a beautiful backyard, stained glass windows and stunning natural light. We were also delighted to learn that we would be living on the same street where Canadian artist, Greg Curnoe, had his first painting studio.

About two weeks before we moved, I was inspired by the idea to transform the back rooms of the house from a traditional office into a fully functional studio. After several weeks of unpacking, furniture assembly, shelf installation and organizing – I am pleased to share with you a few photos of our initial setup.

This home-based studio space will allow more flexibility around my production schedule and additional space for pieces in-progress. With dedicated areas for hand-building or sculptural work and my own personal wheel, I intend to explore a variety of exciting new techniques.

Ashley Keller Pottery Studio Handbuilding Area

Ashley Keller Pottery Studio Handbuilding AreaAshley Keller Pottery Studio Wheel Room

Ashley Keller Pottery Studio Wheel Room and Shelving

Ashley Keller Pottery Studio Packaging Area

I look forward to a productive and inspiring new year and hope that you will follow along with me for updates.

If you are ever in London, Ontario and would like to arrange for a studio visit, please contact me to arrange an appointment.

Thank you for your continued support,


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  • Just leaving for nursery that may have old pots. I will show the owner 5 of your pots and give him your website in the hope they may be interested in some good pots. He is active in the Niagara Orchid Society. Vermers Nursery is a grower and retail site in Welland.

    Leon Martin

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