How to Trim Carved Feet on a Ceramic Bonsai Pot

Have you ever wondered what differentiates a bonsai pot from other pottery? It's all in the bottoms!

Learn more about the process of carving and trimming the bottom of bonsai pots in this new tutorial video by Canadian artist, Ashley Keller.

At approximately 16 minutes long, this video dives into a few of the considerations of hand crafted bonsai pottery. Grab a coffee, relax and enjoy.

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Resources mentioned in the video (no affiliation):

DiamondCore Tools 

MKM Pottery Tools Decorating Disk 

Hsinchuen Lin (on YouTube)

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  • Excellent video l like that design. I had a lady in the Spring session. She has been attending the pottery course at Mohawk for 25 years . l will try to send you a photo of the bonsai pot she made


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